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Mongolian Leather Braided Riding Quirt Whip Training Barrel Racing Aid Brown /Black Randonly 85CM


Item specifics

Brand Name:
Model Number:
Mongolian Leather Whip
Color Classification:
Light brown /dark brown
Whip classification:
Buggy whip
Use of the crowd:
Male and female children (below 16 years old)

Product Description

Mongolian Hand Braided Genuine Leather Horse Whip

Genuine Mongolian Ox Hide. Durable.
Brand New. Excellent Quality.
Whole Lengh : 85CM Diameter:3CM
This item is a beautiful braided horse whip. 100% handmade with genuine ox hide, braided in beautiful colors and with absolutely high quality.
Detailed braided through all the whole whip. It has handle for your hand, and even the handle is carefully braided!
This is not like regular whips that handle is only a leather strip. It is perfect for riding and training horses.
Also it looks so wild and is truly valuable for wall deco, and an unreplacable men's toy.
The design comes from Mongolian nation, which is very famous for stock raising, horse training and matches over a long period of history till today.
This item is a wonderful gift to whip lovers.
It looks great when hanging in your house, carbin or barn.

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